What is Hartland Foot & Ankle?

Hartland Foot and Ankle Office Building

The typical model for today’s medical practice is that of a large, multi-physician group. While bigger may be better in some instances, many times this leads to impersonal care with a time clock being set for each office visit.

One thing we’re not is “typical”.

Speaking from experience, I’ve found over my years in the medical field is that not every visit is a ten-minute “Hi, how are you?”, and, “See you in three months”. Every case of foot pain is not the same as the one before. There is a unique person attached to every bunion, ankle sprain and ingrown nail that comes into the office. Knowing that, your medical care and treatment plan should be as individual as you are.

Starting a medical practice from scratch, in this day and age, is about as atypical as you can get. It does, however, allow for the ability to design the practice with a “hometown” feel. Since opening our doors in 2005, our goal is the same now as it was then; to provide quality, attentive care while treating you like a member of the family.

What Hartland Foot & Ankle offers is personalized, conservative and surgical care, not “conveyor-belt” treatment. Whether you’re from Hartland or the surrounding communities of Milford, Highland, Brighton, Fenton or Howell, give us a try. I’m sure we’ll exceed your expectations.